5 Tips to Keep Your Cosmetic Organized

Tips to Keep Your Cosmetic and Jewelry Display Organized
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Let’s face the truth, even a few amount of makeup can clutter the bathroom especially when you’re sifting through your beauty kit on a hectic Monday morning as you get ready for work. But who wants a cluttered mess when you get home? No one, right? So why don’t you ditch this routine, and follow these 5 cool tips on how to keep your cosmetics organized.

1. First and foremost, the best solution I could give you is to buy a cosmetic make-up organizer.

Like jewelry display boxes, cosmetic organizer is the perfect item to keep everything in order. There are several cosmetic organizer in the market, and I suggest to buy an organizer that has a mirror in it and has several rooms for separate your brushes, lipsticks, moisturizers and creams, makeups.

2. Use a spice rack to keep your perfumes organized.

An unconventional tip given by Cosmopolitan, it creates a nice concept that looks like you’re displaying your collection of perfumes.

3. Create a beauty corner.

If there is an extra space in your bathroom or room, I suggest that you put an small table and chair in a corner and create your own little make-up corner. You can also arranged your beauty products on top of the table.

4. Recycle your old perfume jars and bath bottles.

Fight the urge to throw empty perfume jars and bath bottles, and instead wash them then use them as as containers for your brushes. You can also use them as flower vase and decorate your beauty corner.

5. Divide your drawers.

The best way to fix the clutter first hand is learning how to divide your drawers by using dividers. Learn how to separate your blushes, eye make-up, and lipsticks. In this order, it’ll be way easier for you to do your business every morning.


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