Tips to Sell More During High Season

During the holidays, there is a bigger chance to improve your sells and this means a chance to get more customers. But aside from this high season, it is also important to consider your shop. Is it ready to accommodate all those customers looking for jewelry? Will your jewelry display attract them to buy? Well, this article will give you 5 tips on how you can sell more during this season.

1. Proportion


Your jewelry displays should always be proportional to the amount of space available in your storefront. Another thing is that your jewelry display should be proportional to the size of the jewelry as well.

2. Contrast


You only have around 10 to 15 seconds to get a customer's attention, one way of doing this is to provide contrast on your display. This way your jewelry will definitely standout from the display itself as seen in the photo above.

3. Color Schemes:

Color Schemes

Another thing to give focus to is the color of your jewelry and the display you use. As possible, make sure that the jewelry displays suits perfectly with the color of the jewelry you display on it.

4. Mirrors and Lighting

Mirrors and Lighting

Another tip is to use mirrors to add depth and dimension to your booth. The perfect lightning can also bring out the beauty of your jewelry thanks to its reflective materials. 

5. Organization


Lastly but most important, pay attention on how you organized your jewelry displays. This will be a big thing to customers, it is pleasing to the eye, and it will be easier for your customers to differentiate each jewelry from the other.


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