The Importance of Your Display this Holiday Season

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During holiday season, you’ll see a lot of shops doing decorations showing the holiday spirit. From clothing shop, tech stalls to jewelry shops, you won’t see a stall or business that doesn’t have a Christmas decoration in it. But really, why is it important for a business to decorate during the holiday season? That’s what we’re going to answer for today’s article.

You see people have hard-wired their brains to see Christmas decorations every holidays not only on their homes but also on malls, shops and the streets. Through traditions, people will find it hard to even distinguish a shop that has no Christmas decorations when everything around him has. This was also proven when an illustrator and web comic artist named Gergely Dudás drew a group of snowmen all bundled up together with one panda hiding within them. Many people had a hard time finding the panda within the group. So if you think that putting Christmas decorations on your shop seems irrelevant then better think again.

Christmas decorations are one way to attract customers. The more your holiday decorations stand out from the rest, the more likely customers will flock in your shop. Like for example, a jewelry shop looks more attractive when there are decorations on the window display like put little snowflakes on the window and placed items like silver jewelry with bluish gemstones that works perfectly with the winter theme. Or how about instead of dark jewelry bust displays, try to use white necklace displays and placed gold necklaces on them. The contrasts between two colors will cause the jewelry to standout and be seen easily by your customers.

Another way to add more to the festive theme is to use white or green packaging with Christmas cards. This works especially for those who are looking for jewelries to give to their loved ones. Actually, you can also put a gift packaging corner to your shop where customers can pick what kind of package and ribbon to use on their purchased jewelry. This idea might even boost your sales further this Christmas season.

Just remember this festive holiday may bring a lot of stress but enjoy it while it’s there. Besides, it only happens once a year.


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