Jewelry Boxes 101: Types of Jewelry

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Jewelry boxes come in many forms, shapes, sizes and designs. And if you happen to be looking for the right jewelry box where you can fit all your precious jewelry collection or those new jewelry you need to display on your, then it is just important to know what kind of jewelry box will suit your collection or display.

And, being your trusted jewelry boxes and necklace displays seller, wants to help you with this dilemma by providing you with the right information about the different kinds of jewelry boxes, their features and their uses.

  • jewelry armoire
Jewelry Armoire is a large jewelry boxes that resembles closet cabinets in a way. They are intended to use for larger jewelry collections, and often have several cabinets, hooks, storage drawers and sometimes, a mirror.

  • jewelry box
Jewelry boxes are the most common and usual of all. It best suits to keep a small collection of jewelries including necklaces, earrings and bracelets. It features little cabinets and perhaps a small mirror inside. 

  • musical boxes
Musical boxes are more popular with teenagers and children, often made from pressboards. Expensive musical boxes though are made from porcelain or wood. They can keep an amount of jewelries similar to jewelry boxes.

  • ring box
Ring boxes can be made from wood or leather, but mostly have inside leather lining for the rings’ protections. You can either placed a range of 6 to 12 rings depending on the size of the ring box you bought. 

  • valet box
Valet boxes are the jewelry box for men, where they can keep their watches, rings and wallet. It is mostly covered with dark leather and possessed a rugged design compare to other jewelry boxes.

  • wall-mounted jewelry box
Wall-mounted boxes can be hung on the wall similar, and has the similar look as a medicine cabinet. It has a mirror on its surface, and when opened features several compartments for different types of jewelry.
  • watch box
Watch box are made solely for keeping your watch collection all in the same place. Like other jewelry boxes, it has leather lining inside to protect your luxury watches.


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