Tips to Sort Your Jewelries in your Jewelry Box

Tips to Sort Your Jewelries in your Jewelry Box

Jewelry is a beautiful thing, so why not make the most of it and organize it? Perhaps, it’s time to finally open up the jewelry box and organize your jewelry. Keep what’s needed and let go of those that are not. Here are 10 tips to help you start:

1. If a piece of jewelry has been sitting at the bottom of a collection for a while, chances are it probably won't be worn anytime soon. So it’s better to place them somewhere else.

2. The best and worst thing about organizing jewelry is the nature of jewelry itself. Make sure to know what to keep and what to stay in your jewelry box.

3. Get thrifty. Just like clothes, jewelry can easily be sold or donated to a local thrift store.

4. Old jewelry proves rife with potential in terms of decorative makeovers that require minimal effort. So yes, you can make a new jewelry out of your old ones; all you need is a little imagination and effort.

5. Are you really going to wear that chunky bangle from the '80s high school dance? Do you really need all of those costume strands of pearls? If you don’t need it anymore then maybe it’s time to let it go and get it out of your jewelry boxes.

6. Being decisive is the best way to approach any attempt at cleaning, and jewelry proves no different.

7. Set aside anything with a vague sentimental value—not the heirloom earrings or necklace your grandmother gave you but those horrendous earrings you’ve worn on your high school prom like 7 years ago.

8. Some jewelry drowning beneath more recent purchases will most definitely seem worth resuscitating. Jewelry trends like clothes come and go, so better check out if the jewelry design has return as a trend then maybe you can wear it again.

9. It's all too easy to revert back to the same pieces day in and day out, but try to force yourself to get inspired by some older pieces of jewelry.

10. Old jewelry doesn't have to go to waste — just make sure if you decide to keep it, you actually do something with it instead of just letting it gather dust in a corner.


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