Tips on Buying a Necklace Display Stand for your Jewelry Store

In a jewelry store, the jewelry display should be as eye-catching as the jewelries. Creating an impressive jewelry display does not only attract first time buyers but also keeps people coming back to your store. It’s an important key that can help you gain an upper hand against your competitors and will secure loyalty among your regular shoppers.

So before displaying those lovely jewelries in your inventory, first let's determine the things you should consider when buying a necklace display stand. 

• Visibility

How Your Jewelry Will Appear in Your Rack

It is best to consider how your jewelry will look with your chosen necklace display. It should emphasize the jewelry. The best way to do this is through putting a jewelry with a color contrasting the necklace display. This way your jewelry will stand out.

• Durability

look for a display rack that will be durable enough to last up to Few years

Durability is important when picking up any necklace display stand for your store. You need to make sure that you can bring it on tradeshows and conventions without breaking apart. 

• Compatibility

Compatibility of jewelry and the display

There are several types of necklace displays in the market suited for different types of necklaces. Make sure to read several magazines or tips about the difference between each of the necklace displays to determine which necklace are appropriate to be display on them.

• Space Efficient

Make sure your necklace display won’t take more space than necessary

Always remember when looking for a necklace display is that it shouldn't take more space than necessary. Look for an item that will not look too big or out of place in your jewelry store. It is also important that it coordinate with the rest of your other displays.

• Ease of Use

Your display should not take up much of your time as much as possible

Lastly look for a display that is easy-to-use and can easily be loaded up with items. Such characteristics makes it possible to bring such display during trade shows and events where you don't have a lot of time to display your items.


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