Tips and Ways to Maintain a Flocked Tray’s Beauty

Flocked Tray’s Beauty Maintenance
We all know that flocked jewelry display and trays especially those made with velvet are prone to lint and dirt. And the sad part is, they are not the easiest display to clean. That’s why for today’s article we’re going to give you a few tips and ways to clean flocked jewelry displays and trays.

• Tip #1

Use a vacuum cleaner’s hose. This is the best thing to use for corners and crevices of the tray compartments.

• Tip #2

Another way to clean a flocked tray is by using a couple of scotch tape and masking tape. Use them by dabbing at the flocked surfaces until you've removed all the lint.

• Tip #3

Remember those little rollers you use for removing the hair of your cat on your couch, well they work also in your compartment trays.

Flocked Tray’s Cleaning

• Tip #4

Another thing you can use to clean your jewelry tray is those little plastic combs. They're effective for removing the fuzz and lint stuck in your tray.

• Tip #5

A electrostatic rubber pet hair brush may also do the work, and you can easily buy this from Walmart or pet stores. They will get those flocked trays clean and dirt free.

• Tip #6

You can also use rubber gloves by robbing it on the flocked tray's surface. Although you might need to brush it first or you a dampened cloth to make the lint and dust softer so they will easily stick with the glove.


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