Jewelry Displays and Packaging Ideas for Autumn

During autumn, many retail stores try to create their interpretation of fall on their window displays to attract customers. And if you still don't have an idea on how to create one for your own shop, then here are some jewelry display ideas from NileCorp.

Jewelry Displays

• Paper Twine Mannequin Display

Paper Twine Mannequin Display
The Paper Twine Mannequin Display is paper sculpted and wrapped by woven natural fiber. Color and sizes may vary slightly since they are handmade. Display some chic necklace jewelry to compliment the display.

• Linen Covered Padded Wood Necklace Display with Easel

Linen Covered Padded Wood Necklace Display with Easel

The Linen Covered Padded Wood Necklace Display with Easel is perfect to display those aquamarine or bluish-beaded necklace in your jewelry collection. It practically brings out the color of your necklace and instantly can get someone's attention.

Check out this jewelry booth ideas for inspiration: 

jewelry booth ideas

jewelry booth ideas for inspiration

Packaging Ideas

For packaging ideas, NileCorp also offers burlap pouches. You can even adorn these burlap puches with a wire leave twine for a festive look. This packaging gives off a shabby chic look that your customers will surely adore.

Packaging Ideas

Autumn is a great way to find new strategy and opportunities to sell your jewelries, and I hope that these necklace display ideas and packaging can help you boost your sales this season.


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