Summer Theme Jewelry Display Ideas

Thinking of a new theme this month to attract customers to your jewelry store? Then how about a summer-theme design for your jewelry shop this season, and try changing those dry-colored display into colorful ones. Summer is all about fun and colors, a season of warmth and enjoyment, and that’s what your store needs to showcase in order to pique the interest of passerby. In order to do that, here are some ideas that will surely help you with your store’s makeover.

Colorful Jewelry Display is a Must!

Colorful Jewelry Display

Like I said, just like Spring, Summer is all about colors and warmth. So bring hide those monochromatic jewelry displays on your shop and start bringing out or buying necklace display or jewelry displays with colors and unique designs.  Here’s a tip, try picking out displays with colors or design that reminds you of the sea and the sand, such as colors blue and pastel brown just like this Frosted Color Bust display below:

This Polystrene Frosted Colored Bust Display is available in a variety of colors including pink, green, clear, blue and yellow. Their distinctive colors are sure a cure for any eyesore. You can use these bust display for your colorful jewelry set.

Aside from colored jewelry displays, you can also use burlap linen displays. With their colors strikingly similar to the sand, turquoise and blue hued jewelries will surely standout and easily attract attention.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try DIYs!

DIY's Jewelry Display

There are a lot of DIY jewelry displays you can find in Pinterest these days, and some of them are way too easy to make that you won’t even break a sweat. You just have to find certain DIYs that you can incorporate with your summer-themed design, such as these ones:

DIY's Jewelry Display Bottles

This DIY bottle jewelry display makes bracelets and watches so easy to see and organized. You can also stick fresh flowers in the bottles too! You can also put a letter inside it for added design and granules of sand as well. Just be creative and I’m sure you can pull out a prettier DIY bottle jewelry display than this.

Here’s another, a handmade surf inspired watch display rack in solid walnut and cherry wood that you can make or you can buy from Etsy for the price of £91.55.

Watch Jewelry Display Rack

And lastly, bring out your turquoise or summer-designed jewelry!

With your summer-themed jewelry displays already on place, you can now put your summer jewelry collection on them. Be careful on putting the right colored jewelry on a certain display by playing with the contrasts of both the jewelry and the display. With these tips, I’m sure your summer-theme design will come out nicely.


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