Unique Jewelry Displays for the Fun and Quirky

Collecting jewelry is usual for women but when it comes to their preferred jewelry designs, it varies. Most women especially those ages from 25 to 40s fancy classic pieces while the younger ones and the young-at-heart adore eccentric and intricate detailed jewelry on their collection.

And if you’re likely fall to the latter group, then wouldn’t it be better to place your limited collections on uniquely-design jewelry displays as well? NileCorp.com, a well-established business in the jewelry displays and supplies industry has a few of these quirky jewelry displays you might want to check out.

mini furniture 


Jewelry Display - Mini Furniture

This faux leather and wood jewelry display features a mini-furniture design that can display up to 5 rings, 2 earrings, 1 bracelet and 1 necklace. Perfect to place on your room, this adorable jewelry display will surely stand out. It's available in white faux leather with rosewood trim and in beige suede with vintage trim.

Solar Power Rotating Display Base Stand


Solar Power Rotating Display Base Stand with Rotary Turn Table and LED Light

Want to have your own display base stand? Then check out this Solar Power Rotating Display Base Stand with Rotary Turn Table with LED Light. It continously rotate without any batteries thanks to the 4 solar panels on its side to ensure maximum light reception to power this rotary table.

Intricate Wood Trim Display Set


Intricate Wood Trim Display Set

This wood trim display set has an assymetrical design that looks classy and unique at the same time. It can display up to 2 earrings, 3 necklaces and 3 earrings, and is available in stylish colors including black/purple, black/green, rosewood/white, black/blue, black/pink, black/orange and black/burgundy.

Mini Shoes Ring Display


Mini Shoes Ring Display

This cute mini shoes ring display literally shouts the word "unique" and "adorable" at the same time. It features a soft lining and can hold up to 8 rings. This ring display is available in colors such as white, red, pink, and black.

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