How to Store Your Jewelry Properly

Anyone who has a collection of jewelry they treasure knows how hard it can be to keep them organized. That's why we have these tips and suggestions to help you keep your jewelry organized and in order. These tips will focus on how you can store your jewelry more properly so you avoid any broken necklaces or bracelets, or worse, any stones falling out of the band of your ring or pendant.

Properly storing your jewelry

• Place the Jewelries on Displays or Boxes

A nice move to keep them in place and avoid any problems is to buy an accessory where you can place your jewelry such as necklace displays, jewelry boxes, pouches, jewelry trays or jewelry carrying cases. For vast collections of jewelries, then I suggest to buy a jewelry storage cabinet instead. Storing your jewelry in such containers can prevent pieces from moving around. Fabric-lined jewelry boxes are preferred by most though.

• Prevent Jewelry from Tarnishing

It’s unavoidable that sometimes, jewelries do tarnish went it's not worn, especially silver and gold. Thus, to maintain the luster of these jewelries, you must place anti-tarnish strips in your jewelry container. These anti-tarnish strips will absorb the oxidants that discolor and tarnish your jewelry.

• Keep a List of Your Jewelry

Let's face it, jewelries do get lost or stolen. That's why it's important to have a regular inventory of these items especially when you are making an insurance claim or filing a police report for a stolen jewelry. Any photograph, a written description of the piece and its cost will help a lot in these situations. Furthermore, store that information apart from where your jewelry is to avoid losing them as well in case such event takes place.

• Use a Jewelry Case When Travelling

When travelling with jewelry it is important to use a travel case to protect these pieces. A jewelry travel case can carry jewelry of all types and easily rolls up to a size that's easily stored in most suitcases, makeup cases or business attaches. Thus, a case like this is a good investment to protect your jewelry on the road. The ideal cases are probably those that are made of fabric or leather. 

Makes sure to follow these tips and you’re on the right path on how to store and take care properly of your jewelry.


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