Strategies on How to Effectively Display Engagement Rings in your Store

From the looks of it, engagement rings will more likely be the gift of choice for most lovers this coming Valentine’s Day… which means now is the time to re-organize the jewelries you have in your store, and make sure to showcase your “ring” section prominently in your store.

Because, yes! Those rings aren’t going to sell themselves alone! Jewelry trays, mannequins and shelves aside, these rings still require strategic positioning in order to draw attention from customers.

But hold it just yet! Just before you summon your inner-Martha Stewart mad skills in organizing your store, you’ve got to have some sort of a arrangement scheme for you to market these Valentine gems this season of hearts. Knowing the use and importance of jewelry displays is one thing. On the other hand, positioning them is a rather completely different story.

So, to help you sort out this dilemma, here are some display strategies to effectively sell your engagement rings this Valentine’s Day.

Sort your rings according to price range if you’re using Ring Trays

It is most likely that you’re going to ask you customer for his/her price range when buying the ring. To make things a lot easier, use a showcase ring tray and sort your collections according to the lowest price range up. That way, will be easy for you to exhibit them your entire collection without having to individually take them off from their respective containers. Along with this, customers get to see the ring section immediately upon approaching the shelves, making it convenient for them to pick their desired ring based on their allotted budget.  

Hand Displays for high-end rings

Hand displays holders

Hand displays are perfect display holders, especially when you’re flaunting high-end engagement rings. This gives customers a visual preview of what and how the ring would look like on their partner’s hand. With this kind of tasteful jewelries, it is definitely worthy of being the front liner of the store by displaying it through the store window.

Acrylic ring display adds spark to the rings

Acrylic ring display
With its iced, transparent look, acrylic jewelry display provides an accentuating, crisp effect to the ring, as light tends to give just the right bounce of light to effectively highlight the jewelry article. Furthermore, it is best to position this on a spot with just the right amount of lighting, so that the glare won’t overwhelm the ring as it rests steadily on the acrylic display.



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