Craft Room Organization Tips

Having a neat and well-organized craft room is extremely conducive to having a productive workday. It's essential to keep your materials and items in order so that you can simply focus on what matters most: having fun and creatively making your jewelry projects.

The key to maintaining a clean, systemized craft room is to group similar materials together in similar storage solutions. For example, keeping all your beads in storage trays and then keeping your stringing materials together in clear, acrylic compartments help make it easier to remember where everything is.

For a busy jewelry artisan, it's definitely a challenge sometimes to keep up with all the various materials and tools for making your pieces. Labeling shelves and jars also makes it a cinch to find items and put them back where they belong. 
As far as smaller items such as gemstones and beads, grouping them by color or size is the best way to go. Add some dividers to your shelves or purchase compartments with preloaded partitions for more convenience. 

Lastly, don't be afraid to go artistic and stylish with your craft room! It's a place for you to get inspired and creative so why not convey that atmosphere? 
Putting your craft room together also doesn't have to be an expensive feat. Upcycle old mason jars or bookshelves, or visit thrift stores and swap meets for finding different and one-of-a-kind furniture and decorations.
If you need more concepts on how to decorate your craft room, check out our Organization and Crafting Supplies Pinterest board for great ideas. 
In the meantime, check out how crafty blogger Kristen from Greensboro, NC did her workspace:

Orginizing Your Jewelry Display
Photo Credit: Sophia's Decor


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