After-Holiday Tips to Regain your Store’s Rhythm After the Holidays

Thank goodness, holiday rush is finally over! It’s time to go back to the same bat routine.  For sure, most of you are in the midst of re-organizing your store as you contemplate on whether to go for a long vacation or not.

Our advice: Don’t go just yet…

Regain Store Rhythm After Holidays
Granted that you may need to take a breather after braving the past busy months, keep in mind that there’s a business you need to run and attend to. And although this particular season will be relatively easy and a bit ‘boring’ for you since the spike brought by the yuletide rush has ended, after-holidays is the perfect time to come up with new ideas for your store to regain its rhythm.

And if you’re feeling a bit bored after the holidays, here are some tips on how to step up and win back your store’s lost “mojo”.

Register your store and participate on trade shows, bazaars and conventions

Since the sudden drop in sales will be expected within the first few months of the year since customers may want to steer clear on splurging for a while, the best you can do to generate profit during these dry months is to sign up and participate on trade shows, bazaars, conventions and expositions.

And though you can’t seem make ends meet in selling your jewelry collection at these events, invest in yourself instead by making sure to acquaint yourself as well as your business to new people. That’s one way to expand your connections, market leads and even potential collaborators/investors.

Check out the latest jewelry trends

Trendspotting can be fun and informative, especially for store owners like you. You get to see celebrities, models and designers’ style tastes and predict fashion aspects like what will be the in-thing for the next months to come, appropriate accessories for black-tie events, and other fashion/jewelry fads.

That’s why you have to be in-the-know because the next collections of jewelries to put on your jewelry display will depend on the latest style trends. That way, you get to know when to replace and replenish your stocks to ensure your merch is up-to-date in the world of fashion. In addition, this is also a great selling point for your customers to encourage them to buy a piece.

Update your store’s website and online entity

Fresh start for New Year? You may begin by updating your store’s website starting from the layout down to the content… if you have one! If by any chance you’re still kicking your shop old school had haven’t taken the digital plunge just yet, then this may be the perfect time to test the waters by launching a website for your store!

Might as well go further by going mobile as well!

Set a mini seminar/workshop for your employees

Since you’re updating pretty much everything in your store, this could be the perfect time to update your employees as well. And by updating, it means to cascade the changes made in the store as well as to discuss action plans for the coming months. Furthermore, you may also conduct mini-seminars and workshops to enhance their skills and learn something new about the nature of your business.

As for you, got any other plans for your store as the first quarter of 2015 goes underway? Feel free to share your thoughts!


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