Advantages of Using Mannequins as your Jewelry Displays

For centuries, mannequins have been a staple fixture in the world of fashion. And indeed, these plastic human-sized dolls have come a long way beyond the windows of retail shops, tailors, fashion malls and jewelry stores. In the present times, mannequins are also used for medical trainings, computer simulations and even for crash tests, but that’s a different story altogether.

As for the industry of jewelry merchandising and manufacturing, mannequins play a big role in showcasing and marketing your glitzy items. Furthermore, these larger than life dolls are more than just a steady jewelry display to hold your blings and gems in place.

Here are some other advantages in using mannequins as your jewelry display.

Mannequin gives you a detailed visual preview

Polystyrene Frosted White Mannequin
Polystyrene Frosted White Mannequin
 Of course, someone can always go to your jewelry store and ask you if he/she can try and fit that pearly necklace. On the other hand, having a mannequin can give you an overall peek of what exactly it would look like in a second person perspective.

There’s even a study suggesting that customers will most likely to be attracted and encouraged to buy the item that’s being displayed on a mannequin. It’s a very useful and effective tool in merchandising because it “gives them a better understanding of what would look good on them”.

Space efficiency and strategic placement of items

Need more floor space for customers in your shop? Mannequins – full-sized or not – is one efficient way to save space. Just imagine how many items you can attach onto it. In relation, jewelry display can be tricky, as you must see to it that the items or ensemble that you’re flaunting must be in a spot where everyone can see it without compromising security.

A big help in terms of upselling your other items

And since your entire collection is already on display – thanks to your mannequin – upselling other items is now more convenient and effective! What better way to exploit the use of this body form to your advantage, right?

Easy replacing and re-styling

Fiber-Wrapped Sculpted Mannequin Display
Fiber-Wrapped Sculpted Mannequin Display

Need to revamp your jewelry collection for the next season? No problem! Mannequins can be easily dressed up as well as to dress down. Hence, replacement of articles, pieces and other adornments for re-styling is no longer a stressful issue for stylists and store owners as well.

It holds and maintains the flawless form of the jewelry

This is pretty much basic for all jewelry shop. Of course, all jewelries should be appealing and neatly showcased when displayed whether the presence of mannequins is required or not. Though, it would be more enticing and alluring to see those precious accessories as they dangle flawlessly on a mannequin rather than seeing it resting in a box. And besides, mannequins help maintain the jewelry’s form, which is very important especially when the items are being photographed for catalogues, brochures, ads and online shops.


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