New Arrival: Antique Wooden Trays

 Oak Antique Wooden Tray
Jewelry trays are classic options for displaying jewelry. Practically everyone has them in their store or their personal closet, so it's no surprise that it's a constant must-have no matter what time of the year. 
Wooden trays in particular are simplistic but versatile. Aside from presenting your jewelry the usual way, you can also suspend the trays up and make a hanging jewelry display. Simply attach hooks on the base or wooden board and you can dangle earrings and necklaces away, similar to a shadow box. You may also add wooden or cardboard dividers to separate pieces. Get creative with it and you can turn any seemingly boring wooden tray into a fine masterpiece of display. 
Check out below how one of our customers, Marlene Brady, used our regular wooden trays to exhibit her items.

Image via Pinterest

This season our newest antique wooden trays come in a variety of beautiful rustic colors; in three different sizes.  Take a look:

Antique Wooden Tray, 14 3/4"W x 8 1/4"D x 1"H


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  1. I LOVE my wooden trays for display! They are easy to store and so lightweight to transport. Customers liked seeing each piece "framed" by the trays. I can also store my pieces in the stackable trays between shows. - Marlene