Festive Holiday Display Ideas

This holiday season make a statement with your jewelry displays and window displays utilizing props and handmade ornaments to really make your boutique pop against your local competition. We've compiled from unique props you can easily make in your backroom for a festive white wonderland look that consumers will love! 

Cotton Ball Snow Effect 
Using clear fishing line or thread, carefully string cotton balls for a fun "snow-like" effect in your window displays. 

Faux Snow Paper Confetti
Gather paper strips or confetti and tape it to your display window with double sided tape. For easier removal after Christmas you can also use removable vinyl stickers to achieve this effect.

Kraft Paper Gift Wrap
Place faux presents in your window to give the Christmas gift-giving vibe when consumers walk into your store. You can dress up Kraft paper gift bags with fun tissue paper and ribbons for a holiday inspired look.

Red Leatherette Jewelry Boxes

When consumers walk by your door you want to feel something festive that is reminiscent of Christmas. To get your customers in the buying mood display your window jewelry in holiday inspired red jewelry boxes. Nile Corp. carries a wide variety of high quality red leatherette boxes for every jewelry type.


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