How to Use Hand Displays to Showcase Your Jewelry

When you’re setting up your display, a little creativity surely goes a long way. It helps create variety and dynamics in your store and lets you experiment on what works well with your customers.

How to use hand display to showcase your jewelry

One of the ways to make your jewelry stand out is by using different jewelry display in presenting your collection. Instead of using one type of display stands or racks, you can use different variations like mannequins or doll displays to add depth and diversity in your display.

Another ideal type of jewelry display that will let your jewelry stand out even from a good distance is hand display. It’s usually made from polystyrene plastic and shaped in a form of a ladies hand.

polystyrene plastic and shaped in a form of a ladies hand
Here are some major advantages of using hand display in your jewelry store.

•    It lets you display different types of rings, bracelets, necklaces or bangles at the same time.
•    It helps create story and uniqueness in your store display.
•    It can be dressed up to match the theme of your jewelry or the designs of your jewelry store.
•    It also allows you to mix and match jewelry to give your customers more idea on how to wear your collection.

Hand displays are definitely one of the most effective ways to display your jewelry, but there are still some things that you should remember to keep your display effective and attractive to your customers.

1.    Choose a unique hand display form

You can easily opt to buy the usual hand display form at any jewelry supplies store online, but as much as possible, choose for a unique form that will elevate the looks of your overall display and will let you experiment more on your display.

2.    Choose hand display with the right height

Hand displayHand displays vary in height or weight. Make sure to pick the right one that will let you hang your creations properly. If you’re planning to use it as necklace display for short chunky necklace, consider the weight of your jewelry and make sure that your hand displays are sturdy enough to hold its weight. Long pearl necklaces can be displayed by looping it around the fingers until you form a multi layered look.

3.    Decorate around the hand display

If you’re planning to make your hand display the centerpiece of your display, it is important to decorate it properly to let it standout against other items in your jewelry display. You can paint it in different fun and exciting colors that complement the colors of your jewelry or dress it up with some piece of cloth. You can also place it next to other display racks to create variation on your display and to make your display table more interesting for your customers.

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