Displaying Your Clearance Items Attractively

Now that the holiday season is coming, you might want to clear some space to make way for new items in your jewelry store. Before the holiday shoppers drop by to begin their shopping, why not implement a well-thought strategy to clear some items off your necklace display and make way for newer, more in-demand items.

One great strategy to move your items effectively is to sell them through clearance sale. Whether it is some accessories from previous season, slow selling jewelry style or slightly damaged items, you can still monetize these items and turn it into something profitable. This move will you cut your losses and will let your customers avail your products at a discount.

Display tips for your clearance items

1. Choose clearance items carefully

Now that you finally decided to have a clearance sale, it’s time to determine which items should be included in your clearance sale. Hot items from past season that may no longer sell these colder months should be included in this section. Items that may be sitting on your shelf for more than six months can also be sold at a discount on your clearance area. 

2. Find a space for your clearance table/shelf

The clearance section is a good attention grabber which can help encourage shoppers to check out your jewelry collection. Utilize this by placing your clearance display near the entrance or near the checkout counter so customers can easily grab some sale items on their way to the cashier. The layout of your jewelry store has a lot of impact on the shopping behavior of your customers so don’t forget to consider before displaying your clearance items.

3. Make it more noticeable through signs and posters

Bring attention to your clearance section by hanging posters and store signs announcing your clearance products. You can use bold labels or signs to indicate which items are included in your sale. Putting a red sticker to indicate a sale item is also a great strategy to easily differentiate it from regular prized items.

4. Use proper lighting to highlight your jewelry

Installing a lighting system to highlight your clearance section will definitely help in making it more visible. If you’re selling costume jewelry or stainless steel cocktail rings, a high quality store light will highlight the detail of your jewelry pieces.

5. Use jewelry displays in varying height and styles

Displaying jewelry attractively means investing in quality jewelry display racks and busts. Encourage your buyers to purchase from your jewelry collection by displaying your items creatively. Use props and other decoration to make it more visible in your jewelry store.


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