Creating an Impressive Jewelry Display on a Budget

As a jewelry seller, being creative with your jewelry display is definitely a great way to bring in more customers and encourage them to come take a look at your products. However, an attractive display can also be very expensive, especially if you need to buy different necklace displays or display busts for all your collections.

Creating an Impressive Jewelry Display

If you’re a little short with your budget, how can you pull off a beautiful display without making it look cheap? Here are some of our tips to help you come up with a lovely display without spending too much.

1.    Keep it simple yet elegant

When it comes to jewelry display, elegance is not really synonymous to grandeur. Sometimes, keeping it neat and simple is the key to creating a display that draws the eye or passersby or trade show goers. Creating a simple display allows you to focus more on your jewelry and how you can use it to make your display more eye-catchy.

2.    Use props and accessories from previous seasons or shows

If you’re in jewelry business for quite a long time, you might already have a collection of props or accessories from all your previous events or shows. Those items you used to display jewelry last year or last season can also be reused to showcase your jewelry.

All you need is a can of spray paint or new sheet of cloth to bring a fresh look to your display. No need to purchase new jewelry display racks or display trays if you know how to use your creativity in giving a breath of fresh air to your display.

3.    Household items can also be used in your display

Flower vases, teacups, sauces, treasure box, or jewelry box can absolutely make it to your jewelry display. It’s a cheap way to accessorize your display plus it adds a personal touch to your jewelry business. Do you have vintage items in your bedroom that you no longer need? Spruce it up and use it to hold necklaces or bracelets. Just remember to make your display cohesive in terms of colors and height to keep it neat and easy in the eye.

Creating a unique jewelry display can be fun and challenging at same time. But you don’t really have to look far for props and accessories for your display. With high quality display trays and busts, all you need is a little effort to create a display that is both entertaining and functional.


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