How to Maximize Small Retail Store Space

One of the most challenging parts of establishing a jewelry business is finding the best location to showcase your products. Fortunately, selling jewelry and other accessories doesn’t need a large space. Even a small jewelry store can be very profitable as long as it’s in high traffic area where you can reach your target market easier.

Maximize Small Retail Store Space

Having a small store space can have a lot of advantages, especially for startup entrepreneurs. It’s easier to manage and maintain compared to a large physical store. Plus, it’s also a lot easier to decorate depending on the need of your customers.

Given the limited space of your jewelry store, it’s highly important to maximize the small space in your store so you can display the right items without cramping or overcrowding your boutique.

Below are some tips that you must consider.

1.    Use store furniture sparingly

Large tables, chairs and shelves can occupy a lot of space so always think twice before purchasing furniture for your retail store. Think about the right scale and size of your furniture so you can create a visually appealing store layout.

2.    Don’t cram your products

Some store owners believe that displaying different items all at once increases sales opportunity and improve their chance to have better profit. On the contrary, putting everything on your necklace display can overwhelm your customers and can make it more difficult for them to come up with a decision.

To create a desirable look, limit the number of products on display and position your jewelry in an appealing way. Remember space out your items to let each jewelry piece stand out.

3.    Utilize your walls

Instead of hanging decorative items, you can use your walls to attract the attention of everyone who walks into your store. You can find a lot of necklace Slatwall display and other wall mount displays that you can use to showcase your jewelry. Hang statement rings and chunky necklaces on your ways to save space.

4.    Consider the natural foot traffic around your store

Customers love to roam around a retail store to look at different items that might fit their chosen outfit. Because of this, you have to make sure that your customers can walk around the store without bumping on furniture or each other.


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