Tips on Displaying Kids Jewelry

Nowadays, ladies are not the only ones who are fond of wearing baubles to adorn their outfits. Now, you can see adorable little misses who love to wear fancy earrings, necklaces or bracelets as a part of their very unique fashion ensemble.

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Whether it’s because of the strong influence of their parents, or just an early evidence of their own fashion sense, it’s undeniable that little girls have become a good market for handmade jewelry. Although they may not be into luxury jewelry pieces, they would definitely love a delectable piece to adorn their favorite weekend dress or to pair with their flower girl dress.

However, selling jewelry to little kids can be a little tricky. Aside from appealing to their loving parents, you also have to make sure that your bracelets, rings or necklace displays are catchy enough to steal the attentions of the little ones.

Here are some useful tricks when displaying jewelry for kids.

1. Keep your display neat and charming
Kids have unadulterated charm that is unique to them, that is why when displaying kids collection, it’s important to imbibe this characteristics on the backdrop, props and colors that you’re using. As much as possible, use colors that are in the softer hues like pink, cream, mint green or lavender to achieve a look that is innocent yet stylish.

2. Use toys and dolls as props
When showcasing accessories for kids, all you have to do is to come up with a display that resembles their favorite day to day activity. To create an exciting display, you can use different toys such as dollhouse, tea sets, and other miniature item. You can even use medium size dolls to hold bracelets or rings. You can also purchase mini doll display from your jewelry supply store to serve as necklace and bracelets holder.

3. Place it near the counter or next to women’s jewelry collection
Some moms love to buy accessories for their little girls, so it would be strategic to put your kids section next to the ladies’ collection. You can also put few items near the counter to encourage last minute shopping. For more effective sales, you can also offer matching mommy and baby jewelry and sell it with an attractive discounted package.

How about you? What’s your secret to keeping your kids jewelry display exciting?


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