Table Top Display Tips for Your Next Trade Show

A great trade show booth comes in many style and form. If you’re going to visit different booth during a show, you can easily notice which one achieved their desired impact and which one failed to show their personal branding. One of the probable reasons for this is the way they present their jewelry through their tabletop display along with other important factors such as product quality, customer service and the likes.

jewelry display tips
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If you have been in the jewelry industry and have been joining trade shows for a long time, but still not getting the result that you want, you may need to reconsider the way you put your items on your table or the way you create your necklace display. Although it might seem to be too easy at first, putting items on your display actually requires planning, customer understanding, and knowledge about your product.

Your tabletop display can make or break your jewelry business. Learn how to display your jewelry like a pro and drive more customers into your booth on your next trade show. Here are some tips that can help make your tabletop display more effective.

Learn how to group and organize your collection

Segregating your jewelry collection by size, color or design can help create a more organized display. Look at the size of you table and determine how divide the space between your jewelry pieces. Set a specific area for a certain type of jewelry and place it according to how you want your customers to notice your products. This way, it will be easier for your customers to go from one item to another without ruining your display.

Less is more

Joining trade show is a good opportunity to sell your best pieces and impress possible future clients. However, while it’s important to earn while on the show, you must always think that trade show is extremely useful in establishing your brand especially if you are running an online jewelry store. This is why carrying your best jewelry pieces and displaying them creatively is much better that carrying all your collection and crowding your table display. Just bring your new arrivals, best sellers and some featured items display it neatly on your table.

Make it visually entertaining

Trade show goers usually take a quick look at different booths before deciding which to visit. Imagine the number of booths that are competing for the attention of the visitor in a particular event. If you fail to make a good first impression, there will be a good chance that people will be just passing by your booth without even paying attention to your products.

Make your display fun and visually entertaining to encourage them to stop and inquire about your items. Do this by using creative jewelry display stand or even DIY necklace display racks.


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