How to Handle Custom Orders Request

Giving a customer a piece of jewelry that they will treasure forever is every jewelry maker’s and designer’s dream. From choosing the designs down to the details of jewelry, it’s important to give them something that showcases your skill as a jeweler but also accommodates your customer’s personal preference on what kind of jewelry they would like to wear everyday.


Offering a highly customized ring or necklaces is definitely a great way to get ahead of your competitors and establish great connection with your customers. Some ladies love anything that they can purchase right from your ring or necklace display, but there are few who would definitely love to have their accessories exactly how they want it.

Since jewelry is one of the most sentimental items that is usually given during engagement, anniversary, birthdays or during life’s important milestones, a lot of people are willing to pay the extra cost to have a ring or bracelet customized. If custom orders are something that you’ve considered offering, you have to be prepared to go extra mile for your clients. At the same time, it’s also important to know where to draw the line and be smart in managing customization requests.

Here are some of our tips to stay on top of your customized jewelry business.

1. Understand what your customer wants
Achieving the best customized output starts with understanding what your customer really wants. Listen to their stories and learn where they are coming from. You can also encourage them to tell you their story and the purpose of their jewelry so you can give them an expert’s advice about the jewelry they want to purchase.

The more you listen to your clients, the more you will understand the importance of your work and in return, your customers will find it easier to trust you with their wishes and requests.

2. Trust your skills and know your limitations
Offering customized jewelry will definitely expand your skills and understanding about jewelry. It also allows you to try different styles and techniques and will build your confidence about your product. However, customization often entails a lot of hard work and time that it will sometimes drain your energy and creativity. So before accepting a project, create an estimate of how many hours you have to dedicate to complete it and the rundown of materials and tools that you need to come up with a unique jewelry.

3. Know your worth
This is an important part of creating a customized jewelry. There are some cases where a startup jewelry designer feels a little shy when putting value on their art piece that they undercharge for their work. However, knowing how to charge accordingly will protect your business and keep you from giving away precious pieces that cost a lot of your time and passion. Read different industry blogs or visit other jewelry designer’s store to have a clue on how to price your customized jewelry.


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