Adding a Splash of Color to your Jewelry Displays

If there's one thing summer is known for it's colorful fun colors! The crystal blue ocean, the vibrant tropical flowers, the stunning gemstones, and sunny sunshine. Nature is blooming all around inspiring shoppers to hit the malls, the boutiques, and the fairs. If you want to attract customers for the season, it's best to have your store's decor match the season. Adding a splash of color is a simple way to incorporate summer's fun environment into your jewelry displays. 


As many already know, color is a powerful tool in advertising. Color can generate tons of emotions for consumers and also attract onlookers walking by your store. It does have disadvantages if you have chosen a color that is uninviting it could detract customers from entering your store. Use some neutral tones as backdrop and add a hint of bright color with your accent points. 


The Ideal Mix of Color:
The perfect summer combinations are a neutral and a bright color in one scheme. Referencing the pantone 2014 color scape for summer weddings is a great way to get inspired for your store's decor. Fusing bright orange with dazzling blue is a popular this season to really make a splash with consumers. This combination will reflect the warmth of sandy beaches and sunshine while still giving off a calming feeling of the ocean. Other effective color combinations include Freesia yellow and hemlock green. This will give off the soft calming feeling of lush daisy fields on a summer camping trip. 

Whatever your choice of color for your summer jewelry displays, be sure to tie it in effectively throughout your store so that you stay consistent with your overall theme. Use small props in the window, throw in accent pillows of this color on your fitting room area, and make your packaging match with ribbon and tissue paper. It's these small details that will make consumers remember your jewelry store and make them more willing to make a purchase from you. 


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