4 Ways to Clean Nilecorp Jewelry Display

Doing a quick wipe down on your jewelry pieces before closing down your store everyday is a usual practice to keep your inventory clean and tarnish free. But once in a while, it’s also important to take down your displays and start cleaning your necklaces racks, busts and mannequins.

Bangle Display
Bangle Display by NileCorp

Keeping your necklace display racks and cases in its best condition is a must if you want your jewelry store to look spotless. When you start to notice dusts settling on the corners of your display case or your glass display cabinets getting filled with smudges and finger prints, it’s time to get your cleaning materials and restore it back to its former glory.

Here are some ways to clean your jewelry display

Use microfiber cloth for acrylic display

Having acrylic counter top display is great in showcasing your precious earrings and rings. It allows your customers to see your collection and decide which piece they like before asking to try it on. But since it’s pretty interactive and your customers may find it entertaining to play around a revolving display, it can often get smudged with fingerprints and other dirt.

To avoid this, make sure to wipe your acrylic display with microfiber cloth or other non abrasive material. This way, you can keep your counter top display clean while avoiding scuffs and scratches.

Use vacuum cleaner to get rid of visible dirt and dust

One of the most challenging parts of cleaning your jewelry display is reaching the tight corners of trays and racks. Use hand held vacuum cleaners or regular vacuum with detachable hose to clean storage organizers or carrying cases. Remember to keep your vacuum clean to keep your display from being soiled.

Use mild soap and water to clean linen or faux suede busts

Jewelry displays are often touched upon set up and breakdown making linen display busts prone to getting soiled. To remove soil build up in your display, use damp cloth dipped in water with mild soap. Apply gently upon the affected area. After cleaning, blot the area with cloth dipped in clean water to get rid of the soap. Use a hairdryer to remove the moisture from the busts. As much as possible, regularly clean your linen display busts as dirt can be harder to remove after a long time.

Get rid of lint with transparent tape

Seeing lint all over your velvet or leatherette necklace display can be a annoying. Remove the visible lint and other particles by using lint rollers. Another way is to wrap a transparent tape around your finger and dab the ring display in your store.

Having a clean jewelry display does not only give a good impression to your customers but also keep your jewelry store clutter free. If you have other question about how to maintain your jewelry display along with other inquiry, you can send us a message through our Facebook page or call our phone number.


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