How to Make Your Jewelry More Attractive Online

The internet is a place of great opportunities. It’s a great avenue to those who are looking for a way to showcase their talents while earning some money on the side. However, putting up a website or joining an E-commerce site does not guarantee that you can make it big right away, especially if you’re into fashion jewelry and handmade accessories.

Compared to having a physical store, running an online jewelry business is actually more challenging than most start up entrepreneur can see it. Unlike other products, people buy jewelry based on the look and feel of each piece. And because customers can’t see your actual earrings or necklace display, they will be more hesitant to click the purchase button.

In spite of these challenges, it is undeniable that there are a lot of online retailers who found their recipe for success by selling their items online. If you’re planning to establish your own online jewelry store or looking for ways to take your business further, here are some tips you should remember.

1. Take a creative shot of your jewelry

In the absence of physical jewelry display, you should do your best to take a photo that can grab people’s attention. Start by looking on different fashion websites or magazines and take inspiration from them. Use different props and background to give more life and color to your jewelry collection. A high quality camera can also help you take the best shot so make sure to invest in one.

2. Take secondary informative photos

Aside from taking a creative photo, you should also display photos that can inform your customer about your products. Take photos from different angles (side view, top view, etc.) to give them a better look at your collection. You can also take photos of the detail of your jewelry such as the clasp, posts, gemstones, etc. for better appreciation.

3. Write a technical description

Mention the metal used and the method you used in creating your jewelry. Indicate the color, the origin of the materials and the meaning of the gemstones used in your necklaces or rings. The more people know about your item, the most likely they will purchase your products. Assure them the quality of your products by mentioning the number of hours you spent in creating handmade jewelry and the quality of materials used in creating each piece.

4. Tell them why buying your jewelry is a great choice

Give more value to your jewelry by writing a back story about your work. Write about why you decided to create such jewelry and how you came up with that design. You can also mention the different occasions in which your jewelry can be worn and what kind of outfit it is best to pair with.

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