Colorful Jewelry Trays for Stand Out Trade Show Booth Display

We usually see them in white and black, but if you want to make your display stand out, there are fun alternatives that can take your display up a notch.

When displaying your items in your physical store or during trade shows and craft events, it is important to keep it catchy and interesting to your customers. Instead of sticking on the usual, you can always go for something different and unconventional like colored display trays for all your jewelry collection.

Although it’s little challenging to style and decorate your display table while using colored trays, it also pushes you to create something new and unconventional for your customers. When ordering your display trays, simply look for colors that best fit the colors of your earrings or necklaces. Purchase necklace display trays in contrasting or complementing colors to let your jewelry shine. When done the right way, you can definitely come up with a unique and engaging display.

If you’re still feeling a little hesitant on using colored displays, here are three reasons why it’s best to use colored display trays.

Advantages of using colorful jewelry display trays:

It creates an eye catching look in jewelry stores or in trade show booths
The right display trays can help highlight the details and design of your jewelry inventory
It helps build better product branding and promote better brand recall
It makes your store look modern and stylish
It adds value to the product that you are selling, making it look for glmn

Here are some colored display trays that you can use in your jewelry display.

Jewelry Display Stackable Tray

Large Leatherette Jewelry Display

Other jewelry displays

Stackable White Leatherette Jewelry Boxes

Round Type Jewelry Box

Have you experienced using colorful displays for your jewelry business? Share us your experience by writing in the comment section below. 


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