3 Smart Tips for Faster Display Set up and Breakdown

A lot of jewelry retailers and designers benefit from joining trade shows and craft events. It opens great opportunities to meet new people and establish better connections. But there is a lot of things to consider in order to make this experience more worthwhile and beneficial for your business.

When joining trade shows, it’s important to make good use of your time. As a common rule, make sure to come at least two or three hours before the show to have enough time to set up your whole necklace display. But to be more productive, it’s extremely important to develop a fast and effective way to set up your display without spending most of time putting up everything from scratch. This will also decrease the time you have to spend taking down and putting away your stuff after the show. 

Want to know some tips on how you can do it? Here are our tips.

1.    Plan the things you want to bring

Most jewelry sellers have the tendency to want to bring everything just in case people will be looking for some item. However, bringing a lot of inventory can be difficult, so to avoid any problem, try to bring only the items that sell the most and then bring a little of the new stuff to show interested buyers. If they ask for other items, you can refer them to your website or Facebook page to see more of your collection.

2.    Use display trays and carriers
Putting each item one by one can be tedious and awfully time consuming. Instead of moving each item, consider using display trays and carriers to display necklaces, rings or even bracelets. This way, you can put together different items at home before going to the show, and then just arrange it on your display table as soon as get to the event location.

3.    Get a space that you can be easily managed
When renting a booth at a trade show, consider the manpower you have and the time you need to get you set up ready. Although it’s nice to leave some room for your customers to go around your booth, you still have to consider if you and your team can arrange the whole set within the allotted time. Bigger space may mean bigger set up. Get a space that is both practical and manageable to let you save more time and resources.

Spending most of your time fixing your display will take away your opportunity to talk and communicate with your customers. Find more smart ways to display your jewelry by asking other jewelry store owners or by joining forums and communities online.


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