Unique Uses for Hand Display

Summer is right around the corner and we all know what that means, warm and lively displays are abundant inside jewelry stores. Spring and summer give us a chance to show our creative side with accessories and jewelry. Some accessories make shoppers more likely than to buy in larger quantities due to the upcoming holidays so it is important to show off your best selection. If you don’t want to miss out on sales opportunities we suggest refraining from locking away your inventory behind a glass case. Considering using hand displays is a much more artistic approach at showing your jewelry to consumers.

As many now know, hand displays are the future of jewelry displays for many shops and booths. In spring, incorporating nature is the best approach to really making your jewelry displays stand out among the rest. If you are willing to put forth the extra effort you can create some visual masterpieces. A table adorned with leaves, vintage looking hand displays, and floral d├ęcor. We love the unique hand displays such as those with elongated fingers and arms. Popular rings to showcase this season include colored gemstone rings, flower rings. For more surreal displays you can incorporate spot lighting, flower garlands, and acrylic displays. Your unique combination of details will help amplify your jewelry.

When it comes to creating memorable displays, a little creativity can go a very long way. Position your other existing fixtures in a different way to make your space feel open and inviting. Boost your accessory selection to the forefront and let them take center stage. Take advantage of the wide variety of hand necklace displays available in various finishes such as white acrylic, faux suede, and black polystyrene. A touch of other personal appeals will make customers feel a deep desire to purchase your jewelry. 


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