Trade Show Tip: Transport Your Jewelry with Carrying Cases

One of the challenging parts of joining a trade show is bringing your jewelry collection from your store or work station to the location of the show. Some jewelry pieces are too delicate and sensitive that it requires extra care and caution. Lack of preparation and proper care often leads to damaged jewelry and will definitely cause a lot of headache to jewelers.

If you have been joining trade shows for a while or just a newbie in this business, investing in a jewelry carrier can significantly decrease the stress of transporting your jewelry from one place to another. Most jewelry carrying cases has the protective features you need to keep your inventory safe and organized during transport. Some carrying cases can even serve as a bracelet or necklace display stand for that quick and hassle-free set up.

Below are just some of the most popular jewelry carrying cases that will allow you to have a hassle free transport to anywhere you need.

Jewelry Roll


Organize your jewelry inventory in a neat and chic way with a jewelry roll. It can hold multiple pieces or necklaces, earrings or even rings. With jewelry roll, you can prevent necklaces from being entangled with other jewelry pieces. The snaps and hooks keep your jewelry in place keeping it from sliding or falling off during transport.

Presentation Folder


Show off your jewelry collection without having to take your jewelry out piece by piece. Presentation folders are easy to use and allow you to put together different types of jewelry without worrying about damages or scratches.

Jewelry Attaché Cases


A carrying case that can double as a display, jewelry attaché case is a smart choice for handmade jewelry sellers and retailers. The sturdy materials of the case ensure that all your jewelry is properly protected against bumps and pressure. Some of these cases even have combination lock to protect you against thieves. Carry different jewelry pieces in a hassle-free way through this attaché case.

Soft Carrying Case with wheels


Secure your inventory wherever you go. If you’re having problem about transporting heavy or bulky jewelry pieces, this jewelry case with wheel is a great solution to your problem. It can accommodate jewelry trays and cases so you can easily transport your collection in one easy ride.

Transporting your jewelry doesn’t have to be stressful. Give yourself a head start by using high quality jewelry carrying cases to let you go to places without worrying about your collection. Visit our website for more jewelry cases and showcase trays.


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