Showcase Unique Pieces with Jewelry Display Sets

Some love to mix and match, others want to wear matching jewelry sets. If you’re a jewelry seller, it’s important to give your customers an idea how to play with their jewelry and come up with a combination that can win their hearts.

Whether you’re selling jewelry individually or in sets, you can come up with display that gives your customers an idea how to look great with your jewelry. One excellent way to do this is to use jewelry displays that allow you to display different pieces at a time. With the right jewelry stands, you can show off your best jewelry pieces – from rings, bracelets, necklaces to earrings – in an eye-catching showcase.

Here are different types of jewelry display sets that you can use in your jewelry business.

Wood Trim Display Sets

This set consists of 2 earring displays, 3 necklace displays, 3 ring displays and 1 round base. This is an ideal display for a small spaced jewelry store and can display luxury pieces like gold rings and pendant necklaces. The unique shape of this display is a sure standout and can highlight your pieces like no other.

Cork with Natural Wood Trim Display Set
Displaying chic and trendy can be easy with this kind of display set. Ideal for beaded necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, this 12 piece display set is a fun addition to your jewelry display. Put this on the center of your table when attending a trade show or in your store’s window display to make it more noticeable to your customers.

Steel Grey Faux Leather Display

Bring out the elegance of your jewelry collection with this steel grey faux leather display. Suited for jewelry stores in malls or boutiques, this display can hold up to 16 pieces of jewelry. If you’re aiming for that contemporary, elegant look this display is an ideal choice.

33 Pieces Jewelry Display Set
 Showcase your best selling items in a neat and organized manner with this complete set of jewelry display. The display has different kinds of ring, earring, bracelets and necklace displays to make your jewelry store a stand out against your competitors. Display wide arrays of jewelry from silver, gold, pearl diamonds or stainless steel jewelry and mix and match to achieve your desired results. 

When displaying jewelry, it is important to make sure that your jewelry pieces are getting the right exposure it needs to get noticed by your customers. Although selling jewelry individually is a great idea, selling jewelry in sets can let you sell faster. Be creative and imaginative with your displays and your efforts will surely be rewarded.


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