Organizing Your Earrings for Spring & Summer

Sometimes it can be difficult to bring attention to the smaller accessories in your store, especially with prominent shelving or mannequins attracting your customer’s initially. Although earrings and other jewelry can dazzle customers, every now and then they need a little extra TLC to make them really pop. This can be done by the way you present them in a jewelry display. Fashion accessories are always in demand, but with so many fun colors and events happening the summer, it's important to make yourself stand out against your competition. Get your display tables ready for your smaller inventory so your customers can know what your boutique has available.

Make Earrings Pop:
Jewelry displays work wonders for a wide array of fashion jewelry and accessories. If you have more earrings in your inventory then necklaces and bracelets it may be a good idea to scatter them around your store next to clothing to help create an overall look for your customers. A simple way to give all of your earrings the space they deserve is to put them on earring cards. With such a wide array to choose from, every piece of the jewelry can have its own unique backdrop. The different colors, pictures and styles can accentuate each pair of earrings in its own way. When setting up your earrings, you can either match the cards with one another or mix it up with the large variety of options available. Matching them would be more at place for smaller displays, but if you just want to spread them out on a table for shoppers to see, the diversity will intrigue passing customers and reel them in to check out each one.

Gift Giving Ideas:
There are so many  opportunities for gift giving in the spring and summer with graduations coming up, birthdays, and holidays scattered in the months to come. Not only is this a good chance to show your gift packaging, such as wrapping and tissue paper, but by positioning them near matching earring cards, the present can be very personalized and unique. If the packaging and card suits one another, it saves the shopper the work of having to find wrapping that goes with everything. The recipient of the gift will notice your heartfelt effort and feel extra special on their special occasion.

By placing similar complementary color palettes together, you can encourage more grouped purchases, and give your associates a chance to upsell your customers. Get your jewelry displays ready for summer shoppers by giving them a unique punch of color in your merchandise and displays. Making these small yet significant upgrades to packaging and arrangements will make a visit to your boutique a very special memory for many.


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