How to Display Long Necklaces

Long necklaces are so in nowadays - so trendy that a lot of jewelry designers and creators come up with different styles and designs that truly inspire a lot of fashion savvy ladies.

If you’re a jewelry seller, selling these kinds of accessories will definitely appeal to your customers, especially this time of the year. Summer brings a lot of great opportunity to wear stylish outfits. So before this season officially kicks in, why not get your store ready by displaying unique and trendy long necklaces in your jewelry store.

Here are some ways to create a stunning necklace display for your jewelry business.

Mannequin Display

Give your customers some ideas how to wear your jewelry by displaying it through a mannequin displays. Dress it up and accessorize your mannequins for an added appeal and put it in a place where it can be easily spotted by your customers. You can also combine different types of necklaces in different colors to create a stunning multi-strand necklace display. Mannequin display can be used to showcase beaded necklaces, metal chain necklaces or statement neckpieces.

Display Busts and easels

When you’re creating displays for long necklaces but don’t have the luxury of space to use a mannequin, you can simply use a bust or easel to showcase your collection. Although it may have a slightly different result, you can chose to loop long necklaces around a bust to create a more impressive display. Accessorize your display by adding ribbons or pairing it up with other pieces of jewelry.

T-Bar Display

When attending trade shows and craft events, it’s important to bring a jewelry display that is easy to install and to take down. With T-Bar display, you can display different jewelry pieces at the same time. Remember to ask your jewelry display supplier about the different types and sizes or T-Bar display so you can be sure to get the right size and design for your jewelry collection.

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