Get your Store Prepped for Summer

As the weather warms up, more and more shoppers will come out of their comfort zone and venture into new stores. Now is your chance to increase sales by making sure your jewelry store or boutique is looking it’s best to help welcome new customers. All of your displays and cases should be neatly arranged and ready to impress onlookers. Now is the perfect time to clean your store before the summer heat wave arrives and high season kicks in!

Take Inventory or Merchandise and Displays
It’s important to a count of everything you have in your store at least once per year. It will help you control costs, familiarize with your merchandise, and see firsthand what you need more or less of.  Take everything off wall fixtures, display cases, and jewelry displays and give everything a good dusting. Spot clean any stains, spills, or faded areas. Restock on all necessary supplies for the busy season including boxes, bags, cleaning supplies, receipt paper, tissue paper, and jewelry boxes. It’s a good idea to also get more wrapping essentials such as tape, scissors, and ribbons. Make sure all your glass and table fixtures are cleaned with a wood polish or glass cleaner. These displays are the main focal point for many customers so you will want to ensure that everything looks great.

Reorganize Jewelry Displays
Once the foundation of your jewelry store is spick and span you want to handle the task of reorganizing your jewelry displays to attract more customers. Place colorful, summery jewelry pieces in the center of your store. Utilize your glass cases for more expensive pieces that you do not want shoppers touching without an associate’s permission. Memorable summer displays generally incorporate a resort, island feel. Accent your tables, windows, and cases with fun tropical sea glass pebbles, seashells, faux flowers, or driftwood. Linen and white faux leather displays will really let summer jewelry pop.  

Pay Attention to Details

This time of year is always a fun, festive time for your consumers. People want to be reminded of the joy of the summer season. Make your store come to life with the appropriate music as well. Playing upbeat jazz or contemporary island music will give consumers a light-hearted feeling while shopping in your store. Make sure your staff is informed on any special sales and promotions you are hosting for the season and encourage them to engage with your consumers. It’s the small attention to details that will distinguish you from your local competitors. 


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