5 Fun Ways to Add a Pop of Color to Your Jewelry Display

Summer is almost here! And because we will be seeing a lot of colorful jewelry and accessories in the days to come, it’s time to prepare your jewelry store for this fun and exciting season.

There are a couple of ways to give your store a quick makeover for the coming summer. You can go as far as repainting your walls and touching up your display shelves or buying new accessories for your necklace display. But if you don’t have the budget and the luxury of time to give your store a facelift, you can still do small things that can surely create a big impact in your business.

Here are some fun and easy ways to make your store more summer ready.

1.    Use printed table cloth
Instantly turn your display into an eye-candy by just using a colorful table cloth. Just make sure to pick a design that won’t overpower your necklace display. To do this, look for table cloth that can create a contrast against the jewelry in display. The key here is to be creative with your choices. A little experiment will surely help you discover different possibilities that can definitely help bring your display to the next level.

2.    Use cute and adorable figurines
Dolls and figurines are just so irresistible that it can easily charm your guests and store visitors. Visit a craft store or boutique in your area and look for dolls and figurines that can look great with your display. You can also get a popular cartoon character from classic television shows or small stuffed animal to accessorize your display. Just remember to keep everything sweet and simple to avoid cluttering your display.

3.    Maximize your walls
Instead of repainting walls, accessorize it by hanging different types of necklaces along with framed art pieces or paintings. This simple trick can add a lively twist to your store and will highlight your jewelry pieces effortlessly. Change your display every week or at least twice a month to keep your store looking fresh and updated.

4.    Dress up your display bust
Display bust is every store’s must have. This summer, make it more exciting by dressing it up to suit your jewelry collection. Add scarf, belt or hat to create a summer collection. You can even use sand or colorful beach balls to come up with an impressive summer themed window display.

5.    Use colorful jewelry display cases
This summer, get rid or ordinary, dull and boring display and create a look that will set you apart from your competitors. By using colorful display trays and cases, you can spice up your store display and make it more exciting for your customers.


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