Types of Necklace Display Stands and Their Uses

Necklaces come in variety of styles, shapes, sizes, lengths or materials and because of this, getting the right display stand for all your jewelry items can be sometimes daunting. However, once you get to learn the different types of necklace display stands and their uses, you can confidently create a display that doesn’t just capture the attention of your customers but also helps keep your jewelry properly organized. 

Whether you’re buying a display stand for your newly opened jewelry store, or just want to upgrade your display this season, there are a lot of necklace display stands you can choose from.

Here are some of the most commonly used displays in the market.

1. Slatwall Display


If you have a store that has a limited space, it’s important to maximize all the space most especially the walls. Slatwall display allows you to display more necklaces without making your store look too crowded. Use your creativity to create a layered look or form a pattern instead of randomly putting together different items. 

2. Chain Pads with Snaps or hooks

When selling small, light weight jewelry, chain pads are often enough. The major advantage of this necklace stand is that it can be easily dissembled and transported when you’re attending trade show or jewelry parties and craft fairs. Just remember to secure your jewelry to avoid losing your necklaces to thieves or damaging your products in case it falls on the ground. Reserve the more pricey items to enclosed glass displays. 

3. Bust Display


The most special piece in your collection deserves a spotlight. So if you have a new arrival or just something that has to take the center stage, remember to hang it on a bust display. You can even dress up or decorate the bust display to fit the theme of your products. Just remember to keep your display neat and simple so it won’t take all the attention away from the rest of show. 

4. Doll Display


This is often the cutest and most endearing necklace display. If you’re selling girly items or you specialize in personalized jewelry, this can be a perfect choice. This colorful necklace doll display is also an excellent way to spice up your store because of its eye catchy details. It can hold two to six items and can be used to display light trendy jewelry

5. Metal Wire Necklace Display


Do you want to sell jewelry items in bulk or just want to display multiple jewelry at a time? Meral Wire display is perfect to use for your business. However, remember to pick the one that can securely hold your products. Take note of the length of the necklace before putting on display. Long necklaces look much better on display busts or on top of a display table. 

Remember to consider the space, budget, the kind of your jewelry you’re selling as well the niche that you’re trying to reach before purchasing any necklace display. With right planning, you can come up with store design that will impress everyone who walks into your store. 


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