Tips on Displaying Body Jewelry

Body jewelry is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Celebrities, models and fashion bloggers are now seen wearing this popular trend. If you’re a jewelry retailer, selling this kind of item will surely bring people into your store.

But unlike earrings, bracelets, rings or necklaces, body jewelry is often more challenging to display. To successfully capture the attention of your customers and encourage them to wear your collection you have to create a display that will highlight the unique design and details of body jewelry. Get your creativity working and design a jewelry display that will let your jewelry stand out.

Here are some of our tips to guide you in creating a stunning display.

1. Dedicate an specific area for body jewelry

If you are selling other type of accessories aside from body jewelry, you have to make sure that it is placed in certain area to avoid confusing your customers. Help your customers to distinguish your items by putting a label on the shelf or display racks. This will ensure that your customers get the right item and will help keep your display properly organized.

2. Be visual

Creating a display for body jewelry is a little different than crafting a necklace display stand. Because it looks more complicated than usual jewelry, you have to make sure that that your customers understand each piece before going to the counter. As much as possible, include a photo of how each piece is worn to give them an idea on how they are going to style it. First timers or even those who haven’t tried body jewelry will surely thank you for your extra effort.

3. Include a detailed information of your items

Those who are buying navel rings, tongue rings and other type of body jewelry will surely appreciate detailed information of your items before they make a purchase. This will help them identify which type of material will fit their style and skin type.

Create a poster that explains each type of body jewelry then hang it next to your jewelry display.
Mention the type of metal used in that particular type of jewelry and the name of gemstone used whenever applicable. You can also include a short instruction on how to wear it so they can refer to it when needed.

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