Reasons to Buy Homemade Jewelry

We all love jewelry whether it’s handmade or manufactured jewelry can easily make or break any outfit. There is nothing better than the perfect piece of jewelry to make your outfit really pop. Sometimes no matter how many stores you go to in the mall you just can’t find the right piece of jewelry to compliment your attire. At Nile Corp. we are strong advocates and supporters of handmade jewelry for a various number of reasons. We love the novelty behind the pieces that someone took their own time to create. Although sometimes pricier than something store bought, we feel that supporting handmade jewelry makers has more benefits than it does negatives. Below is our list of reasons to buy handmade:

1. Quality
Quality has a price tag and it’s typically more than something mass made in a factory. Jewelry that contains precious metals and gemstones will not only last longer but also be set in a professional prong setting versus being bonded with inexpensive glue. Typically purchasing a handmade article of jewelry will be sturdier and more detail oriented.

2. Individuality
Everyone wants to be unique. Why wear a necklace everyone has seen in your local store when you could sport one that suits your unique personality. You can achieve a unique look with a handmade item because no one else will have it. It makes it that much more special for the wearer.

3. Support Local Artisans
Making jewelry is a form of art just like painting and sculpting. Someone spends their creative energy on perfecting your piece of jewelry. It’s extremely rewarding t not only be supporting a local artist but also to be giving back to the community.

4. Sentimental Value
Remembering where you got your customized piece of handmade jewelry will forever be a memory for you. It has been designers by someone who put their heart and soul into creating the piece and now they are passing its sentimental value onto you. Wearing someone so special is sure to bring value to the jewelry.

5. Eco-Friendly
Being that you are buying from a local artisan, chances are that the jewelry making process is not going through so many stages of chemical processing. By supporting local manufacturing, you are reducing the impact on the environment.

To conclude, buying handmade jewelry is always a great option for either yourself or as a gift. Supporting your local artists is a rewarding experience in itself plus you great a truly unique piece of jewelry along with it.


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