Jewelry Displays for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just two short weeks away. This gives you ample time to create some custom displays for this special day. Your jewelry store should already have a spring theme in place to match the season which will make changing it for a Mother’s Day exhibit very easy. This is the ideal time of year to up-sell your existing customers with gifts for wives, mothers, and daughters. All kinds of people will be looking for sentimental jewelry to gift to their mothers so it is up to your creative team to compose designs that will catch shopper’s eyes.

Jewelry is always a safe way to go when shopping for mom. When someone is looking to show their mother just how much she means to the family there really is no better way than an engraved necklace, a special pendant, or a keepsake ring. Keep complimentary décor in mind to add more attention to your display such as hats, flowers, and feminine shoes so you can appeal to different individual styles of your shoppers. You can showcase your products on busts, hands, natural displays, and jewelry trays. Your display should appear neat yet interesting. Your store should also offer special wrapping in a soft lilac or pastel hue to help draw in buyers. This will make shopping much easier so the consumers will not have to worry about wrapping their present after purchasing.

To get your consumers talking about you and your store’s products we recommend hosting a special promotion during this time of year as well. You will need to have eye-catching necklace display stands plus an enticing savings. We recommend having a buy one, get one 50% off section or a store-wide savings of about 20% to get visitors in the door. Mother’s Day promotional signage is also a solid method to draw consumers in. We recommend blasting your new arrivals and promotion on social media as well for added exposure.

Try to ensure your product selection on display appeals to mothers of all ages and walks of life. Try fashion bracelets, drop earrings, and personalized necklaces. Try to think of gift ideas for all types of women and you will have a steady flow on shoppers in your store this season. 


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