Jewelry Business Tip: Spice Up Your Store Counter

A lot of jewelry store owners pay great attention on how they can decorate their window display or how they can create a necklace display stand that gets people to notice their products. However, there is another part of the store that equally deserves your creativity and planning – the checkout counter.


Take a look at it. Is it a great place to wrap up an excellent shopping experience? Does it help establish your brand so people can remember you after shopping? Does your checkout counter help give the right impression to make people comeback for more?

If you’re answer is yes, then great job! But if you’re not really sure about the way your checkout counter appeal to your customer, here are some tips that can somehow help you make it better.

1. Keep it clean and clutter free

Once your customers are ready to pay for their items, the last thing you have to do is to make their checkout transaction as smooth as possible. Put the shopping bag and jewelry boxes neatly organized under the counter and your cash register filled with enough change for your next customer. This will cut off waiting time and will allow you to handle more customers efficiently.

2. Decorate sparingly

This is especially true during holidays, Valentine ’s Day, wedding season among other special events. You don’t have to create something fancy just make sure it fits the overall theme of your store. Keep your decorations entertaining and sweet but make sure it doesn't interfere with the functionality of your checkout counter. Keep large decorative items off your counter and choose the ones that don’t block the view of your customers or your cashier.

3. Promote your business

There are times when some of your customer will have to stand up on the line for few minutes before you can entertain them. Make use of this time to let them get to know your business. Hang a logo of your store and put a poster or signage that informs your customers about your other services like gift wrapping or delivery. Put a small shelf or magazine stand where you can put a brochure of your latest collection or leaflets about your store. You can also put an invitation or a promotional material in case you’re having an event or store sale.

4. Put small items for last minute purchase

Checkout counter is a great place to encourage your customers to add one more item on their shopping cart. You can create a simple necklace display or earring display that can keep your customers occupied while waiting in line. You can even sell other items like hair accessories, brooches that can be worn with your jewelry.

If you pay enough attention, you can definitely create a checkout counter that leaves lasting impression to your customers. Give your counter a small makeover and see how it can help boost your brand’s image as well as your sales.


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