Jewelry Business Tip: Make Customers Your Best Ambassadors

Don’t you just love it when your customers say good things about your jewelry? What about hearing them tell other people how they LOVE the fashion rings they purchased from your store? That’s even better, right?


When it comes to selling jewelry, getting recommendations is definitely one of the best ways to grow your customer base. It’s not enough that you create a stunning necklace display cases in your retail store; you also have to learn how to value repeat customers and turn them to your biggest brand ambassadors.

Once a customer became impressed with your products and services, they will not hesitate to tell their friends about your store. This will lead to increased brand popularity and will help drive more foot traffic into your store.

But how can you really get your customer’s trust and recommendation? Here are some strategies you can use.

1.    Identify your loyal customers

You may have a lot of customers, but there are few who would definitely stand out among them. They are those who are ready to spread the word about your brand and would recommend you to their friends every chance they got. These people are your asset and should be properly leveraged to grow your followers. 

2.    Give them a sneak peak on your latest collection

Adding a hint of mystery into your jewelry is a sure way to keep people coming into your store. But if you want to make your products more interesting offer, giving a sneak peak to your latest collection is a great idea.
You can even offer early bird prices to encourage your loyal followers. When they talk about you on Facebook or twitter account, make sure to repost or share their stories on your social media pages to encourage other shoppers to try your brand.

3.    Give them something exciting

Keeping your collection fresh and trendy is sure way of keeping your customers hooked about your brand. Give your customers something unexpected or remarkable to add excitement to their experience. Send thank you notes during special occasion or offer exclusive promos to reward loyal shoppers. Once you capture their attention, they will be glad to talk to their friends about you and remain loyal to your brand for the longest period of time.

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