How to Incorporate Natural Elements into your Displays

Spring is in full swing and jewelry displays are an excellent way to lure consumers to your storefront and ensure some sales this time of year. In nature the birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and new life is emerging. You want to reflect this joyous time of year with your displays.

You do not have to do anything extreme to bring a “wow” factor into your jewelry store. As long as you have a clear consistent theme incorporating natural elements and materials into your jewelry windows and display areas that will tie in the entire look. A great way to achieve this look is by using wooden or linen jewelry displays and adding props such as Spanish moss, faux birds, bird nests, flowers, and greenery. You can discretely display your jewelry in a natural way by laying them over tree branches and dried green plants. Wooden necklace displays and t-bars look amazing against natural elements. This look will attract onlookers walking by your store and remind them it’s time to shop for spring accessories.

The best way to bring elements of nature to your stores is to bring elements from nature inside! This allows you to be creativity because you can explore various mediums to decorate with. We recommend trying sea glass, rocks, and branches. Use these elements to reflect the environment into your products and overall spring look. The striking combination of plants, wood, and stone will show consumers that you take the time to factor in the seasons into your product selection.

The built up excitement generated from eye-catching spring displays can make consumers fell like they need to buy more to get into the spirit of the season. It’s the best way to get consumers walking around your shop and keep them entertained in your creative displays. 


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