How to Host a Successful Spring Sale

Spring is here and the weather is warming up. Now is a good idea to consider a huge sale to help ring in the change of the season. You can revamp your existing jewelry displays for an inexpensive change to your existing look.  Mixing up the look and feel of your store can be a simple process that includes rearranging, markdowns, new display props, and attractive banners.

Stock Up

Due to the rise in projected sales this season, we recommend stocking up on necessary supplies for a smooth sale event. Purchase tons of shopping bags, jewelry boxes, and tissue paper. You can even hand out reusable bags for your promotion to help reinforce your brand and have consumers advertise for you by putting other shopping items in your bags. You can also advocate being eco-friendly and sustainability. You can opt for having dressier wrapping with spring colored raffia, ribbons, and gift tags. It will show your customer how much you care about your brand’s products. You can also use dressed up wrapping in your window necklace display. This will attract spring shoppers who are also considering gifts for mom this time of year. To prep for Easter as well we love the look of pastel colored wrapping used to create Easter baskets. You can giveaway prizes or incorporate Easter baskets in your window displays and have jewelry in them.  


By revamp we don’t mean that you have to go out and spend a ton of money on new fixtures but what you can do is change the overall direction of your store’s layout so that it feels more inviting. A simple way to achieve this is my rearranging jewelry displays to face the front of the store so that onlookers can see what products you have on sale at a quick glance. The best thing for new displays is to add a round table in the center of the front aisle and place your new products on it with linen t-bar displays and necklace displays. You can also print out new promotional material and place signage to promote your sale.  By rearranging existing fixtures you can easily give your store front a completely different look.


When running a successful small jewelry business, the key it to strategically manage your adverting and decoration budget and find the most cost effective alternatives to achieve successful sale events. Sales and spring cleaning are a great way to take advantage of consumers extra chunk of disposable income after the tax season. Add some fresh looking d├ęcor to your store this spring and showcase your new arrivals as well as your amazing reduced price merchandise. By marrying the two categories seamlessly with the help of displays you will be able to attract both types of customers; the trend forward fashionistas and the budget conscious deal hunters. 


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