Give Your Jewelry Business a Quick Spring Cleaning with These Tips

It’s the time of the year again for spring cleaning around the house and the yard, but if you’re also an entrepreneur, why not extend your spring cleaning in your store?

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Give your business a fun and refreshing vibe by getting rid of the extra items in your store or just giving your store space a thorough cleaning. Make sure nothing is overlooked from the stock room, the checkout counter to the shelves and necklace display stands you are using to showcase your products.

Here are some of my tips to make your spring cleaning more efficient.

1.    Identify problem areas around your store

Before your scheduled cleaning, list down particular areas in your store that need to be given more attention and make sure to put it on top of your to do list. Does your stock room looks like a mess? Or does any of your store furniture need a repair? List it down and think of a better solution to address these issues.

2.    Clear out the clutter

Your store may be filled with boxes, paper bags, discarded ribbon and other small items that you don’t actually need or won’t need in the near future. Get a large garbage bag and toss anything that doesn't seem to be useful in your store. Include old posters, flyers used in previous promos and other promotional paraphernalia to make room for other more important items.

3.    Recreate your display

Does your necklace display look so dated it doesn't fit your brand’s image anymore? Take it down and plan a new look for your window display this spring season. Purchase different necklace display racks and bust to give your presentation a new look and use your imagination to create something that can capture the hearts of passersby in your area. Need some help? Read different jewelry blogs and articles to get new ideas for your store display.

4.    Develop a new system to keep your store organized

After cleaning your store, it is also useful to devise a strategy that will help keep things in order. Maintain the cleanliness in your stock room by creating a procedure that will help you sort and organize your items systematically. Think of a way to reduce waste and clutter in your business and train your staff to comply with new policies if necessary.


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