Get Your Jewelry Store Ready for Wedding Season with These Ring Displays

Wedding season is one of the busiest days for jewelry sellers around the world. And although we’re still two months away from June, we can already expect an increase in sales especially when it comes to engagement rings and wedding bands.

Even before the wedding season arrives, a lot of brides are already excited and preoccupied with all the wedding preparations. This is also the time where most couples go out to search for the perfect wedding bands that will symbolize their union.

 If you’re a jewelry seller, you can take this as an opportunity to get ahead and prepare your business for one of the most anticipated season in jewelry industry. Equip your store with all the necessary tools that you can use to highlight your best wedding collection and get it to stand out against your competitors.Go to your most trusted jewelry supplies store and ask about rings and necklace display stands that you can use for your store.

Here are some ring displays that you can use to highlight your items.

1.    Showcase Ring Trays
This type of display is ideal if you have a big collection of wedding bands and engagement rings. It allows your customer to choose from variety of styles and designs in the easiest way possible. If you’re going to attend wedding fairs, showcase ring tray is the most convenient and ideal choice because its ability hold multiple items at a time.

2.    Finger Shape Display
Let the best of your wedding collection shine with this type of ring display. It’s an ideal form of display for high priced engagement rings as it can help highlight the details and intricate design of gemstone rings. Ring shape display comes in plastic, polystn figurine or ceramic materials.

3.    Metal Wire display
Unique items and contemporary wedding bands are best displayed using metal wire display. It can also hold up to 20 rings so you can display your collection neatly and orderly. You can also choose revolving display to make it easier for your customers to choose among your collection.

4.    Wooden Ring Display
Wood has a distinct charm that adds elegance to store displays. If you’re going to purchase wooden ring display, make sure that it matches the color and the materials used in your store decoration.  This will help create harmony inside your store for that dreamy and enchanting look.

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