8 Easy to Install Jewelry Display for Trade Shows

During trade shows, you only have few minutes to set up your display before people start coming in. This means you only have at least 30 to 40 minutes to get everything in place and to have all your jewelry ready for the show. But getting your booth really becomes extra challenging especially if you don’t have extra hand to help you move shelves or carry around display boxes.

Every extra minute you spend arranging jewelry items, installing necklace display busts and stands and other materials is precious time that should be spent interacting with your customers instead. Decrease your preparation time by purchasing easy to install jewelry displays that can showcase your jewelry as fast as possible.

Take a look at the list below for jewelry displays you can use:


•    Necklace display Busts – Display costume jewelry efficiently with necklace display busts that can be placed on top of the table. Using busts to display jewelry allows you to save some space. Plus it’s great way to maximize the result of the limited space you must be given during trade shows.

•    Chain Pads with Snaps and Hooks – If you want to showcase multiple jewelry pieces at a time, go for necklace chain pads. It can hold different necklaces and allows would be buyers to easily pick and try it on before making a purchase. There are other necklace displays available in the market but this one will work easily for you.


•    T-Bar Display – Display a variation of a particular style of bracelets using T-bar display. And because you can easily put up and take down T-bar displays, you can also use it during jewelry party, craft fairs, charity bazaar and other special events.

•    Bracelet Ramp – Highlight the details of each of your jewelry with bracelet ramps. It’s perfect for luxury jewelry as it can definitely help your products to standout against other items in your collection.


•    Earring Stand – Studs and other small to medium sized earrings can be displayed using various type of earring stand. There are some that are made with plastic or metals but there are also made in wood. Earring stand allows to you showcase different pairs of earrings at a time so you can creatively present it during trade shows.

•    Metal Wire Earring Display – it has a certain charm and elegance that can easily match your earrings. Plus it allows you to organize your items in a more efficient and clutter free way.


•    Finger Shape Displays – give your customers a glimpse of how a fashion ring can look like using finger shape displays. Just look at different designs that can match the style and theme of your jewelry to make it look more appealing to your customers.

•    Ring Pads – Display all your collection in one easy to install display. Ring pads let you bring together different fashion pieces that can capture the attention of trade show visitors.

Light-weight, sturdy and easy to install – these are just some of the things that you should look for in your jewelry display.  Browse our website for different jewelry display tools to help you in your trade show needs.


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