Get Your Store Decorated For Easter

Yesterday was officially the first day of spring which means Easter is right around the corner!  As the weather begins to warm it’s time to start preparing for the festivities that come with Easter. The sooner you start changing your store displays, the more you can capitalize on the holiday frenzy.  Store displays are a cost-effective way to spruce up your store front and display your product selection in a new light. This upcoming holiday predominantly focuses on the rebirth of new life. The Easter Bunny hops in to make things fun for children and teens and give them something to look forward to in terms of candy and treats.

A storefront with a highly coordinated theme will stick out from the rest. Do not be afraid to be creative! We love the use of Easter eggs, pastel accents, and faux plants to give window and pop-up displays some character.  If the majority of your clientele come shop with their children’s having a way to incorporate them in the promotion would be a good idea. If you live in a smaller community, the more members you are able to engage the better. Any extra effort you put into your store’s events will show a positive impact on your store’s image and sales.

In weeks leading up to Easter Sunday, you can begin to make your store theme come to life! Start with spring decorations, adding flowers, animal figurines, and Easter eggs in noticeable places of your store will help make mannequins and jewelry displays pop. We love using baby peeps and little rabbits to symbolize the holiday in an easily translated message. You can also put colorful woven baskets filled with raffia and grass sting instead of putting rings and necklaces on shelves you can place them in the baskets to up sell customers at the register. Take advantage of the added foot traffic adding these decorations will bring and try to make the overall shopping experience enjoyable for everyone.

As long as you capture the essence of spring and Easter in your store you will remind your customers of the beauty in nature this time of year. Take the time to put effort into your store necklace display this time of year and you will help remind your customers just how unique your store and products really are. Get your shop's theme perfect for spring and help your products transition into summer. You will have excited customers who are anticipating in the upcoming season's possibilities. 


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