Quick Ways to Touch Up Everyday Jewelry Display

One of the challenges of selling jewelry is creating a display that will look interesting and appealing to your customers everyday. But as we go along our day to day chores, creating a unique display becomes more challenging.

photo credit: AdornedByRobin | Flickr

Setting aside 30 minutes of your time, at least once or twice a week, to refresh the way your store looks can be useful in keeping your jewelry store updated and organized. You do not need to do a grand upgrade. If you're already using lay down necklace display, or display figurine, a simple update is enough.

Here are some ideas to help you keep your display updated.

  • Spray paint necklace stands or bust

We already know how colors can play a vital role in keeping your store pleasing to the eye of the passers by. Get a paint color that matches your brand or the interior design of your store, and then apply on your necklace stands or racks. This is definitely an affordable and easy way to add more personality to your design. Do you need more ideas on how to do it? Go check  Pinterest or head over to YouTube and look for tutorials to guide you on your project.

  • Accessorize your display window

Your window displays give pedestrians a quick preview of what you can offer. Turn your display into something that deserves a second look by dressing up your window display. Instead of just displaying jewelry on a stand, you can spruce up your display by decorating the base as well as the background with cloth, colorful beads, flowers or any other items available in your place. It will help Create more depth and texture to your design, making it more noticeable to shoppers. 

  • Use creative tags, posters or images

Make people stay longer in your store by making your jewelry display fun and interesting. Different posters that hang around your store contains beautiful scenery or a portrait that will instantly relate to your customers. If you have a new product to launch, make sure to hang photos of different ways to wear your jewelry to catch the attention of first time buyers and loyal customers.

Little things can yield great results. If you think your store needs a little updating, go ahead and do a little experiment on your display. Just use your creativity and different materials that are Easily available around you. With just a little upgrade, your store can look eye-catchy and different . 


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