How to Bring Back the Love of Your Old Customers

Caring for your customers is like being in a relationship. You have to give them your time, commitment and efforts to keep them coming back to you. When you work hard to them your best products and services and they give you their loyalty in return. They will even rave about your brand and will constantly talk about your jewelry in front of their friends and family.

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However, there will come a time that, despite your efforts, they will feel cold and indifferent towards your brand. What used to be a frequent visit will become rare. Those who used to rave about your jewelry collection will just pass by your store. Worse, they may even find something else to replace you.

There can be a lot of different reason for this change of heart. Maybe you have forgotten to give them incentives for their loyalty, or maybe you have failed to keep your necklace display stands updated. Whatever it is, it is important to know when you've started to experience decline in your relationship with your customers. The sooner you realize you’re losing your most valued customers, the better.

Here are some ways to bring back the love your customers.

1.    Communicate with them

If you haven’t included them in your email yet, this is the time to do so. Create a short message containing different jewelry that they might actually like and put it in visually appealing email. Add a personal touch by using their name, or signing your first name. You can also send a short text message on their mobile phone to inform them about your latest products and promos. Just make sure it doesn't sound too spammy or they will just ignore your attempt to communicate with them.

2.    Use Social Media

Your face book and twitter page is not just for gaining new customers. It can also be used to bring old customers back in your jewelry store. Take a picture of your latest necklace display or the new arrival section of your store and post it in your social media accounts. Don’t forget to tag them or send them a message about the latest in your business to bring back the old spark.

3.    Give your store a new look

Sometimes, too much familiarity is not good for any business. If you haven’t updated your store display for the past six months, you might appear boring and uninteresting to your customers. People are looking for new things and if you fail to give them something that keeps captures their interest, they will definitely hop on to the next jewelry store.

How about you? How do you keep your customers coming in your store? Share your thoughts with us!


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